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13 things I didn’t write about in 2008


Here is a list of 13 things from 2008 that I didn’t write about.

1. Cancer and loneliness
At the end of 2007 my wife Tanja has been diagnosed with breast cancer. During 2008 she had two surgeries, the chemo therapy and the radio therapy. Thanks God, the latest results are now negative and she is doing well. To say that the past year was difficult — would be an understatement. Despite all of that, she was coping very well, just missing her friends and their support: they all are thousands of kilometers away (mainly in Ontario), and many times we were experiencing a bitter loneliness here in the middle of the Prairies. Nevertheless, her courage and determination to win was really admirable!
[I was reluctant to write about this, maybe because of coming from a different culture where, traditionally, you don't talk too much about personal difficulties or, maybe, because I just wasn't able to find the right words for it -- but then I discovered, almost by accident, that for example, my compatriot, the famous copywriter Michel Fortin has been through the same hardship together with his wife. Knowing that others are in a similar situation doesn't realy make it easier... but seeing how proudly one can praise a wife that battles with the cancer I felt that I have to do it.]

2. Year end in Cuba
To celebrate the finally good news about Tanja being free of cancer — we spent the New Year’s Eve (and a week around it) in Cuba, in Varadero. We booked a luxurious apartment in Paradisus Princesa del Mar and decided to get pampered a little bit… because we deserved it after all we went through during the year.
Cuba, especially our visit to Havana, was an exciting experience. I am still planning to write about it. It was one of my obsessions: to see Cuba before Castro dies. I am afraid after that it will be just a US colony… with all the hotel and fast food chains that are not there now.

3. Farewell from the WP forum

On the way – Finally, the Maritimes


I am at least for one week behind with blogging. Sometimes the lack of internet connection, other times the tiredness after an eventful day or just the need for a few days distance to let the impressions to settle – prevented me from writing. I will try today to catch …

On the way – Québec City 400


The whole city is full of attractions and shows that celebrate the 400 years. One of the most unusual shows is a projection show in the harbour. The Old Mill is used as the background for it and the multimedia show is projected on the mill building and the silos. …

On the way – Québec City


Somebody asked me, so it seems I need to clarify: this series of posts is written on the way to Maritimes, the final point of our long trip toward East.

Yesterday afternoon we arrived to Québec City. This is not the first time we are here, since we have relatives in …

On the way – Ottawa


Excellent “junior suite” (or something like that) in the Downtown Novotel on our 4th day of travel.

Went for a walk early afternoon to the By Ward Market, unfortunately, this time the weatherman was right: a huge thunderstorm and lots of rain happened exactly as it was predicted… and …

On the way – the first three days


Having a few weeks between the treatments we decided to go on a long break… a trip from Winnipeg to the Maritimes. The plan was that there is no plan — we go as much a day as we can, we stop where we like the place, visit some … owes me $5.05 after their ripoff


I am serious. They have the most stupid setup when it comes about chosing in which currency I want to pay… and their stupidity forced me to pay $75.05 instead of $70.00. And when I wanted to use‘s contact form to let them know about the case – …

Old Pinawa and surroundings


Yesterday we drove to Pinawa: visited the Old Pinawa Dam, the “new” Pinawa, the power generation plant at Seven Sisters Falls and, finally, Lac du Bonnet.

Last night we arrived home quite late and I was too tired to upload the pictures and write about the trip. This morning I got …

Trip to Brandon


It is long weekend in Canada – as they say the first long weekend of the cottage season. We went for a trip to Brandon, Manitoba with a short stop in a place called Carberry. You wouldn’t believe it but Richard Burton, as a young RAF member, lived …

My reading task


Today’s post will be shorter than it was yesterday. Less time for writing. Need to read. And if I need to read anyway — I installed the “Now Reading” plugin to keep track of the most important readings. Funny that I am saying I need to read, as if it …

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