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What’s going on in the Kremlin?


Some interesting reading from the updates that I receive regularily from TOL (Transitions OnLine), this time about the power divide in Moscow between the nationalist and globalist “kleptocrats”. If you don’t know what kleptocracy is, see the Wikipedia > Kleptocrat.

Biggest number of internet users in China


According to Business Standard the number of internet users in China (253 million) surpassed the number of US surfers (est. 230 million). But that’s still only 19% of the country’s population…



It is Photography month on Bravo (a Canadian TV channel), featuring nine interesting films.

Stop the madness


Winnipeg police wives are saying “Stop the madness” and don’t let criminals back to the streets. They want to send a strong message to law makers, politicians and judges. If you agree – go and sign their petition!

Credit Card Scam


Source: Carol Bentley’s blog. Read about a very elaborate credit card scam when they already have all your data, including your card number… except the little PIN code on the reverse of the card. Don’t fall for this trick!

The Google-stein


Source: Blog Gigs, Who created the Google-stein? i.e. the frankenstein of the net? – We did, all together. Yes, I remember, too, when G. was just the very new guy a few years ago…

The irate ex-student


Source iknownil: He is right. The students are in debt for many years, the government workers are overpaid and they rarely are up to their tasks, the taxes are high. Very high. I even wanted to comment on his blog but I never do that if the stupid “you …

You are fat because you eat a lot!


Source: Telegrahp Blogs. If it is politically correct to judge those that smoke, drin or use drugs… why is not OK to pick on the obese? – asks by Sally Peck. “Just eat less” is the final common sense message.

Lenin and DiCaprio


Source: English Russia. If you are familiar with Vladimir Ulyanov’s pictures from the period before he became Lenin – you will be shocked by the similarities between the young Lenin and Leonardo (Leninardo?) DiCaprio… See it for yourself!

Green funeral movement


Source: Associated Content – Did you know that the amount of wood from coffins located in a ten-acre cemetery is enough to build 40 houses and that there is enough concrete to build swimming pools for all of them? If you didn’t now you know… and you may even …

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