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Upgraded to WordPress 2.7 (beta2)

I am again very pleasantly surprised how smooth the upgrade to the latest (beta!) version of WordPress was. The 2.7 version, which brings a lot of new features and a completely renewed admin panel, initially has been scheduled to be released as of tomorrow (Nov 11) but will be delayed for about two weeks. Nevertheless, the beta2 is here and fully functional. Despite the usual complaints in the Forum, the manual upgrade was as easy as ever: just follow the instructions and it should work. Of course, even with my experience and in-depth knowledge of the software I always make a backup of the database before attempting an upgrade. I have never needed to restore a WP installation to its previous version due to a faulty upgrade but that doesn’t mean you should ever skip the backup step.

The admin panel is still a bit unfamiliar (although I have seen it in its process of development always checking the latest version via SVN) but I think I am going to like it… I will write later an inventory of the new features, for now I am really enjoying the (not-so-new) automatic plugin upgrade. When I was done with upgrading WordPress, I just went to the Plugins page and clicked on the “upgrade now” links. A few minutes later all my active plugins have been updated to the latest. Many times I am against the automatic gizmos offered by different hosts (like automatic install and upgrade) but this one really, really works! And it saves a lot of time. I just love it.

Now it is time to update some links in the sidebar, add new affiliate links and activate the OIO Publisher plugin to be able to sell directly links and ad space on this site.

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