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On the way – Ottawa

Excellent “junior suite” (or something like that) in the Downtown Novotel on our 4th day of travel.

Went for a walk early afternoon to the By Ward Market, unfortunately, this time the weatherman was right: a huge thunderstorm and lots of rain happened exactly as it was predicted… and got stuck in the market.
During a short break had a quick walk toward the Parliement Hill and ended up having a dinner at the Irish Pub. Good beers and acceptable food. Too bad, at the neighbouring table some drunk young people made the stay unbearable. I kept myself busy watching two black females at another table: you know, the types that get government jobs because of their gender and colour, and proudly advertize their “importance” even in a pub, pulling out legal size printed documents, making important decision while waiting for their Perrier water (what else?)… No, I am not racist or misogynist (I swear I love women!) — it’s just a fact that they don’t let you to disregard. Lets’ forget them and enjoy the trip. See some Ottawa pictures:

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