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    The Journey to full time blogging owes me $5.05 after their ripoff

I am serious. They have the most stupid setup when it comes about chosing in which currency I want to pay… and their stupidity forced me to pay $75.05 instead of $70.00. And when I wanted to use‘s contact form to let them know about the case – they wanted to force me to sign up and submit a ticket. That was the last drop. So, instead of the ticket, I am going to tell you here what happened when I used

I needed some professional graphics and found a nice guy on the web, I liked his work and conditions, so I ordered the work. He did an excellent job, I liked the final samples he sent me over, so I decided to pay him the agreed amount of US dollars. He doesn’t have a PayPal account (my preferred payment method) and his payment processor is but says you can use your PayPal account to pay. Great, I thought. Click on the pay button and suddenly I am faced with $77 and some change as the amount to be paid. OK, then I realized, they detected my IP and being a Canadian – they converted the original $70 USD into $77.71 CAD. Now I spent quite a time on that page trying to change this but there was no such option. The reason I wasn’t happy with the conversion:

  1. these companies always use the worst possible conversion rate
  2. I have USD funds in my Paypal account, so no need for conversion
  3. I hate when a payment processor wants to decide for me what currency should I use

Since I wanted to pay the designer who worked hard… I just went through the whole idiotic process.

Of course, my Paypal account got the request to pay $77.71 CAD, so they again started to calculate how many US dollars should be taken from my account – at their own conversion rate at this time – to cover the requested amount, and they came up with $75.05 USD. All because I could not change back to USD the amount posted on payment page.

Now I officially demand from this company my $5.05 US dollars, the amount I overpaid because of the rigidity of their software:, I want back my $5.05 USD!
My $70 turning into $75

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