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IOC – don’t trust the Communists!

Just a few days before the beginning of the Olympic Games the world suddenly discovered that the Chinese authorities will not allow uncensored internet access during the games. It is hardly a surprize for anyone with a little brain.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and all the media was completely wrong if they ever believed for a moment that a Communist regime would ever let journalists to have unfettered access to the whole internet. Every and any Communist will always lie into your face until they get what they want. And after they obtained their goal they will just change the rules.Communist regimes are just like that: liars, deceptive and dishonest.

Western governments and international organizations (like IOC) had more than 90 years – since the bolshevik revolution in 1917 – to learn to never trust any Communist governments’ promises. Yet, they fail again and again. They always hope to induce these arch-liars to behave like normal, honest people by offering them “bribes” (e.g. the right to organize Olympic Games), thinking that an honest deal would compel even the Communists to honour their promises and to keep the “gentlemen’s agreement”. They should know better…

Now the news sites are full of outraged reports about the censored Internet. Honestly, I don’t see any reason for this outrage against China. The Communists are only doing what the system is inherently programmed for. They lie, they cheat, they mislead, etc. The blame always should be on those that struck deals with the “commies”. As Google did when agreed to serve censored search results in China. In their case, as a profit oriented company the explanation is simple: greed. But what can be the explanation for a venerable organization as the IOC, supposedly the guardian of the noble ideals of “olympism” to bend to the pressure of the Chinese government? The case seems to be even more embarrassing as more and more is revealed about it: while the top honchos kept saying that everything is fine… some obscure un-named “officials” made the the back room deal – it is OK to censore the Internet during the Games, despite all the promises that were given by China before.

From the Olympic Charter (chapter 6)
3. The authority of last resort on any question concerning the Olympic Games rests with the IOC.


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