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Cowpetition – MMO

This must be the craziest cowpetition on the net: each of the two guys are starting a blog and after 30 days they will put it up for sale. The winner will be the blog that sells for more. It has been dubbed already as “Conn man vs. Cow man” and you could read all the possible hype in blog post titles. The story is about Garry Conn and John Cow. Both bloggers are about making money online by blogging. In my very first post at this new location I’ve mentioned my plans to make money blogging, so I thought it would be not without interest to watch these two guys in their pursuit of setting up a money-making blog.

There is a Cowpetition Page on both blogs, with different titles but with the same slug (cowpetition, of course).

John Cow is promising a case study and a lot of prizes: at this moment over $3,000! Check out John Cow’s Cowpetiton page if you want a chance to win all those prizes… or at least some of them. Some of the prizes: a free one year subscription to TrafficKahuna ($997 Value); a free copy of Affiliate Elite Enterprise Edition ($550+ value) – and many more.

Garry Conn’s blog offers an MMO online classroom and even if the competition has been alerady started, you can still enroll and read all the previous updates, lessons and assignments in the classroom. Well, you are late, of course, for the first assignment, which was a clever move to assure some good content (for free) for the upcoming niche blog.

Even if you are not in the MMO (Making Money Online) business it’s worth to have a look at this race. As I said, till now I was more in the blogging business. The most I have ever earned with ads on my blog(s) was $496 a month; and even that happened when the Canadian dollar was stronger than the U$D, so it was even less in my pocket. One of the first things I have learned while watching them: anybody can set up a blog, but they are showing you how to set up a business.

No, not likely that this blog will become another MMO blog – it will still remain your best source of quality WordPress tips and subjective journalism. So, subscribe to the feeds and get in my Top Spots. Now!

5 Responses

  • surresh ·

    added you in my friends.kindly link me back
    do visit my blog.leave a comment

  • Root ·

    Your blog is looking very spiffy these days lol :)

  • Satya ·

    I am not a full time professional blogger, but love to write. And it seems that you are seriously into blogging.

    What are your thoughts on blog monetization – the ways, pitfalls, issues et al. I just want to know.

    Actually, I tried the search and WP serach actually is pathetic. Have you posted it already somewhere??

  • Moshu ·

    Hi Satya,
    To be honest, I am not that “seriously” into blogging… otherwise I would update it daily :(

    I should, probably, post about it, but here are my thoughts on it, briefly. All the bloggers belong to two groups: the “purists”, i.e. caring only about nice content and valid code; and the “monetizers” whose only focus is making money from their blog.

    As a WP enthusiast (and mod in the support forums) I am (was?) more on the purist side – designed valid XHTML themes, educated users about it and helped thousands…

    The only problem is, all that nice volunteer stuff and valid code don’t pay the bills. So, I started to experiment a bit with displaying ads and promoting affiliate products. Some work, some don’t – at least for me. Perhaps, I should learn more about internet marketing.

  • Michael D ·

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