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WordCamp Toronto 2008

From this Winnipeg basement where I am writing this, a WordCamp in Vancouver or in Toronto seems equally far away: both are at about 2,000 km distance. So, no wonder I have missed the one in Vancouver at the end of April, although it seemed to be a smaller “local” event.

Recently on the WordCamp Central it has been posted the date of an upcoming WordCamp in Toronto on October 4-5, 2008. On the very same schedule page you can see that Toronto will have to compete with New York. THat’s not a big deal for local bloggers but it might be an issue if the organizers would like to have some well-known international bloggers, WP gurus around…

Besides the WordCamp Central you can follow the preparations for the event on the blog started by the organizers. You can also go directly to the registration page.
And if you blog about it, make sure you tag your post with wordcamptoronto, as they ask in the announcement.

I don’t know how often are they updating the blog, but for the time being I can see only two (2) attendees (btw, wrong spelling, like attendee’s, always harms a blog’s credibility…) – one of them, Melissa Feeney having the “official” news on her blog.

For me it is too early to decide whether to go or not but I will keep an eye on that date: if in the GTA area I will definitely drop by.

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