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Fun with ScratchBack

I have known Jim Kukral for a while from earlier net ventures but this newest invention, as he puts it: the “fancy tip jar for your blog” is really fun!

You can see it installed on the right in the sidebar. The idea is simple and is much better than those “buy-me-a-coffee” or “buy-me-a-beer” buttons. People would like to get something in exchange if they tip you. With the ScratchBack they get a link back to the website or blog of their choice.

The scratching is getting more and more popular – I just discovered that several blogs on the SplashPress Network also implemented the ScratchBack.

This is how it works: you, my visitor, want to get in My Top Spots list because a) you like what you read and b) you want a link from this site to your blog. So, to show some love – you click on the link in the widget and type in the link URL, the link text and the message (i.e. the title of the anchor). You put your bucks in the tip jar… and your link will appear automatically in the list.

Of course, you can also set up your own scratchback, too.

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