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New theme and upgrade

I had to upgrade this blog anyway – so I decided to create a new theme for it. Till recently this blog was running on the 2.0.x “legacy” branch of WordPress but I wanted to use some of the new features of the other branch. While I was working on updating the deprecated template tags in my old theme, I figured I could even make a fresh theme. So, here it is: the blue-and-green…

Now that I went with this latest version, I had the opportunity to check out a lot of new plugins; some of them even made it into the final version of this updated playground. E.g. Meta tags, Clean Archives Reloaded, Feature me, Syntax Highliter, SEO Title tag, Latest posts from the same category etc. (One day I should make a Page where I give credit to all the plugin authors whose code is used on this site – added to the TODO list.)

The biggest challenge ahead will be adding tags to all the older posts. Before that I’ll need a plugin that will stop WP from pinging the update services just because I edit the posts. There is one… you just have to register to get it, and I hate doing that.

I am especially curious how the different plugins/scripts that show either posts recommended by myself or posts related by category (when visiting a single post) will help the new visitors to find cool older tutorials which sometimes get buried in the archives.

As always: nothing is completely done, it is a permanent “work in progress”, so let me know if you notice any bug or malfunction.

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