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Custom Query String plugin update for WordPress 2.3

A few month ago I needed to update the Custom Query String (CQS) plugin. Better to say: I needed the plugin and because it didn’t work with WordPress 2.1… I tried to make it work. I didn’t do anything fancy with it but managed to make the necessary changes to work with that version.

Today, there a request in the WP Forum to have it work with WordPress 2.3.x version. As you know, in WP 2.3 the category tables in the database were eliminated and now they are in a different table. What I did: checked and compared the old and new database tables, their names and their content – then rewrote the old queries to reflect the new database structure.

It has been tested on a local install and on a live server. Go to the Download page, get it and enjoy!

Report back if you experience any problems.

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