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Discrimination in the WP Forum?

I have been accused (by contacting me at my other site, despite asking not to do so) that I discriminate users in the WordPress Forum. They were referring to the fact that I refuse to help others than end users, i.e. when a self-proclaimed web designer, web developer is asking for free help in the forum for a site/blog they are doing for a client who is paying… YES, I do refuse to help.

It is very simple: if you are paid to do a job, do your homework, read the documentation, experiment. If you don’t have the time – hire a pro. I do quite a lot of custom WP themes for clients. Many times I got stuck, especially with PHP code, since I suck at it. Then I contact in private one or two knowledgeable coders and ask for help. And I pay them. Let’s put in this way – it is my “expense” for completing the job. (Other times I just push my son to do it for me for free but that’s a family matter…)

I still believe the Forums were set up for the average Joe end-user to get free help with their WP installation. In that regard, I guess I do my best. According to the “shrink in the house” (aka my wife) I am addicted to that ‘forum thing’ and I spend way much more time helping people than I should. In lucid moments I agree. However, besides helping novice users I also learned a lot from the replies of very knowledgeable helpers like… – OK, I’ll not list anybody here because, obviously, I would forget quite a few and I don’t want to offend anybody. The thing is that for the knowledge I accumulated in WP matters I paid hard with my time. And while I happily share it with end-users I am and will always be reluctant to offer free help for lazy designers that get paid for a job. If you don’t know WP – don’t take the job. Outsource it. Do whatever you want. Just don’t count on my free help!

If you think otherwise, try to convince me.

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  • Stephen Cronin ·


    That’s not on! People need to understand that you are providing a very valuable service for free in the Support Forums. There is no requirement for you to do this at all. If you choose to only answer one query in a whole year, then you are still adding value. But you’re not just answering one query – you’re answering loads of queries (you’re all over that place). People should be grateful for your work.

    In my view, you’re doing the right thing – helping the people who need help the most. There’s no obligation for you to help anyone. Keep up the good work!

  • Moshu ·

    Thank you Stephen!
    I appreciate your comment and support. Unfortunately, many people are far from ‘greatful’ – they are more preoccupied with the tone and style of my answers than with the content. I know I am mean and impatient often. More exactly as often as I meet someone who is not willing to do his/her share of (home)work.
    Anyway, enough of complaining. Thanks again for stopping by.

  • Janice ·

    I love the convenience of, but I love the different layouts by I’ve signed up and cancelled with my hosts becasue I am clueless when it comes to all this coding info. I go to cPanel and am LOST! Where would I go to start the homepage. There is no logon at Is my logon to the dashboard area found on cPanel? PLEASE CLARIFY ALL THE “simple” STUFF FOR ME!!! Thanks so much.

  • R. Barclay ·

    The old adadge “Teach a man to fish” applies here.If someone does if for you once they’ll ask you to do it twice.
    But a point in the right direction is always helpful.

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