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So, you want an organically painted Easter egg, eh?

Easter Eggs Today no politics, no Manitoba budget, not even flood. Just a bit of fun with eggs… I read an article the other day about colouring and decorating easter eggs where somebody expressed some concerns about the dye. Though the dyes used for eggs are food-grade (which means safe) – I want to present my readers a simply way to make wonderful Easter eggs. I have learned it from my grandmothers.

All you need is the eggs. I assume in every household there is some parsley or cilantro leaf, or something similar in the produce “department”: dill, carrot leaves or anything that has interesting shape. Where the weather is not that harsh as in Winnipeg, you could just walk around in your backyard and watch for a few small plants, leaves.

If you got the nice shaped leaves, go and find an old, unused pantyhose or stockings. Green leaves
You will have to cut them into pieces of the size to be able to cover an egg. Have handy some thread and for colouring get all the onion peel from the bottom of the net they were sold in. If not enough, you could rub a bit the onions and the exterior peel will come off. Now we are ready to go. Of course, you’ll need a pot to boil the eggs after we prepare them.
Now just follow the procedure presented in the pictures…

Cut the pantyhose in pieces big enough
to cover an egg
Wet the green
Wash the leaves: they will stick
better to the eggs
Place the leaves on the egg
This is how you will arrange the
leaves on the eggs…
Pack the eggs
Now place the eggs in the pantyhose
cuts; be careful to keep the leaves
as they were placed… and tie the
“package” with the thread.
Ready in the pan
Place the onion peel and the eggs in a pan…
Add water and boil
Add water and place it on the stove,
start boiling with low heat (my grandma
always added salt to prevent eggs from
Eggs in pantyhose
When it’s done, take out the eggs with a spoon
Cut off the stockings, clean the eggs from the
leaves, and enjoy your beautiful Easter eggs!

6 Responses

  • Sylvia Daulat ·

    This is a wonderfully unique way of decorating Easter eggs with your kids. Koszi.

  • InvisibleMinority ·

    I am glad you liked it! Maybe I should blog more about the fine things learned from grandma… :)

  • Chantay Christy ·

    jo cikk.

  • Moshu ·

    Hány angol cikkre biggyeszted oda az efféle spam marhaságaidat magyarul?
    (az oldaladra mutató linket kigyomláltam, mert azért annyi büntetést csak megérdemelsz…)

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