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Will the CRA extend the deadline because of the bomb alert?

Yesterday, as it was the last day of February, certain tax documents were due for filing. Namely, the T4 summary and slips, if you were an employer. Actually, I am not, just a volunteer treasurer at a charitable organization… and somebody figured out in the last minute that I should fill out those forms.

Finally, I’ve learnt what I had to do, filled out the forms, consulted by the phone the people who performed this task last year, and was ready to file. I know, there is a possibility to file it electronically via the internet but this being my first, I thought maybe handing it in personally would be a better option: eventually, somebody could tell me if it was right. Let’s go, I told myself and jumped in the car. I stopped to make copies of everything and headed toward Broadway where the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA, formerly known as Revenue Canada) has its building.

I never made it to the CRA. Just across the street from the CRA offices there is the WCB (Workers Compensation Board) building and this is what happened yesterday around noon: a disgruntled man drove his pick-up truck to the front doors of the WCB building. He was angry about a long-standing claim for his back injury… So, he drove up his truck to the door, then the police was called – and they “saw the man fumbling with something in his hands”. The something could have been even a bomb detonator, so several buildings were evacuated, traffic (both pedestrian and vehicles) was stopped in the area.

After I realized there is no way I could get into the CRA building, which has been evacuated anyway, rushed home to try the electronic way. It was around 2 pm – and the online thing works only till 2pm central time.

I am going now to try my luck again at the CRA desk. Hopefully, the heavy snowfall won’t be an obstacle…

UPDATE. Despite the snow storm I made it to the downtown, found a parking spot just across from the CRA building and succeeded to file my papers. The really good news: I asked the clerk to date stamp the photocopies I made, just to have some proof, and the date they put on was Febr. 28.

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