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TIME: I am the Person of the Year 2006!

I went to the Time magazine’s website ( and I discovered: I am the Person of the Year 2006!
Because I control the Information Age.

Year 2006

Because I blog: I write about our life, our city, out politics, our weirdness.
Because I read other blogs and comment on other blogs.
Because I link (ping, trackback) to other blogs and websites.
Because I helped people to set up their own blog to be part of this new Information Age.
Because I started an online school with podcast.
Because I contributed to Wikipedia.
Because I participated in translating Wikipedia.
Because I helped translating free (open source) software to make it available for more people.
Because I – together with YOU – shaped what is becoming the Web 2.0, this “massive social experiment”.

Are we making the world a better place? Is this really a revolution? I don’t know.
Allegedly, we are “founding and framing the new digital democracy, for working for nothing and beating the pros at their own game”.

Sometimes I am a bit skeptical – but still blogging…

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