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The ideology of health care

When I watch the debate about the “universal” versus private health care I get goose bump. Because most of the time it’s not about the patients, the people, the misera plebs contribuens but the ideology. More exactly a Communist-like ideology. I am afraid all these pinkish salon-Communists, left leaning defenders of the universal public system have no idea how scary they sound for anyone coming from the former socialist bloc.

For us, ex-citizens of the Second World it will always be a mystery how can sober, otherwise normal people willingly adher to that ideology. (I assume, if there was/is a Third World, there had to be a second one, too. And who else could that be, if the Western world was so much ahead at the finish line that they already arrived to the “end of the history“.)

So, why is everybody on the left side putting their head in the sand? The two-tier health care is here. Shouldn’t somebody tell them? My wife broke her knee two years ago. She still has to go to physiotherapy. She pays for it – and it doesn’t matter whether out of pocket or through a private health insurance policy. In the summer I’ve made a wrong move and my back was totally screwed. Massage therapy was the only remedy. Paid out of pocket.

Some defenders of the system argue the universal health care is the core of our Canadian proudness. Well, I don’t know. If tomorrow I feel sick, I have to call my family doctor (if I have one) and they will grant me an appointment in two weeks or so. Till then I’ll either die or get better. In the Second World I had two choices: if I was able, I could walk into my doctor’s office and get a number, and wait until he sees me; or in case I was to weak to get out of the house I could call the office and he would come to see me on the same day. Because half of the day they were in the office and half of the day making house calls.
Yes, I know the answer: if I cannot wait two weeks I should go to the Emergency. Actually it is not an emergency yet, but I’d like to see a doctor now, before it becomes one. Doesn’t it make sense? Wouldn’t be it cheaper for the taxpayer? Not to mention I don’t see why should be so proud of it this non-functional system…

Maybe I should just go a private clinic that accepts me today when I feel the need for a helath care provider. What? You don’t like the idea that I can buy a service and jump ahead of the waiting list? Look at the bright side: if I jump out, the waiting list ahead of you will become shorter. But still long enough to give you enough time to read The Capital.

4 Responses

  • Blue Cross of California ·

    I think universal health care would be a great aspect on our health care system and be much more helpful than privatized health care.

  • Medical Resources ·

    I like that perspective on it. I have to think about that and get back after I have had a chance to think about it more.

  • hangover cure ·

    The new thinking in medical circles, often expressed in terms of the need to “ration resources,” essentially seeks to justify letting patients die solely on the basis of the doctor’s personal view that a patient’s “quality of life” is so diminished as to no longer be a life worth living.

  • m-m-me ·

    Socialism = Fail, period. on all counts, in all instances, throughout history; always.

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