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Just in time

Yesterday, while I was browsing through one of Podz’s posts I decided it’s really time to upgrade this blog from WP1.5.1.1. to I did, and it was as smooth as always. Then I thought maybe would be a good idea to follow his other advice, too: doing something about the spam.

In the last several days there was an exponentially increasing number of “p*ker” spam awaiting for moderation: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32… you got the picture. So, I went to read about IO Error’s Bad Behavior plugin. Being anyway around FTP I just uploaded and activated the plugin. Later on I didn’t even notice there were no emails for moderation. But I checked now: there were more than 120 attempts since yesterday afternoon to post some “invitation” for online gambling. None of them came through! Wow.

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