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Vesuvius for 1.5

I have used the Vesuvius “template” (interface?) by Root for WP 1.2.x and I was delighted by the flexibility of it – fluid 3 column. Since I couldn’t find any version of it ported to WP 1.5 I decided to do the job.

You can see it in action by using the theme switcher on the right. It’s a basic design and you can easily change the colours or whatever you wish. I have added two templates: page.php and archive.php.

Just download and drop it into your themes folder in the usual way.

Download here

Update. Earlier you needed to upload the Vesuvius files in a theme directory called “vesuv_151″ in order to work properly. I have modified the first line in the stylesheet, so now you should create a folder called vesuvius for the theme. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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